About Precision Laser Therapy

Precision Laser Therapy, Inc. is the exclusive supplier of this Low-Level Laser Therapy system. Precision is a division of The Beachwood Hair Clinic, which has been located in Cleveland, Ohio for more than 30 years. Beachwood Hair Clinic continues to be a prominent member of the local and national business community, and a member of The American Hair Loss Council. Our goal is to provide men and women with effective, all-natural, holistic options for enhancing beauty.

Over the past 30 years we’ve been refining our services in both the replacement of hair and the prevention of hair loss.Our clinic team is constantly adapting the latest technologies in an effort to provide men and women an all natural, affordable hair loss and skin care.

In 1967 the effects of photobiostimulation were first observed and documented. Since then, the field has expanded to include therapies for tissue regeneration, migraine, and wound healing. For the past 15 years our clients have achieved tremendous results with our Low Level Light Laser treatment program for hair growth. These outstanding results are achieved without drugs, surgery or side effects.

In 1999, we began to share our tremendous success with other business owners. Today, there are over 100 locations worldwide using our Low Level Laser Therapy program to aggressively fight hair loss. Due to exciting new developments in Low Level Light Therapy for skin, we expanded our offerings in 2004 to include skin care. For information about receiving treatment, visit The Beachwood Hair Clinic to schedule a consultation. Our philosophy has always been to give everyone the chance to present the world with his or her personal best.

Michael Dobek, Founder

Tiffany Masiello-Helt, President