Digital Imaging Unit

Digital Imaging Unit

A Windows PC with software is included.

Digital Imaging Unit

Baby-fine hairs are aesthetically invisible, but respond to laser therapy in most cases.

Digital Imaging Unit

Each computer is preloaded with patient-tracking and imaging software.

Why include a camera and PC? Show is better than tell.

The Digital Imaging Unit consists of a micro camera, lenses, and a computer with patient tracking software to capture images over time. The images are an essential part of the initial consultation and help with good risk management.

Digital Microcamera

This specialized USB-connected camera is an important component of the Precision Laser Therapy System. You can use this tool to determine if a patient is a candidate for treatments and to track new hair growth over time.
Using the illuminated microscopic camera wand, you'll obtain 10x, 50x, and 200x magnified images of your patient's skin. Digital imaging is the first step in the assessment process, and a valuable tool in converting interested parties into committed participants. You will be able to show the patient his or her areas for improvement and explain how the laser treatment can provide satisfactory results for that area. Each patient should leave their initial consultation with a printout of his or her analysis attached.

PC & Precision Laser Therapy Software

Included with Precision Laser Therapy are a Windows PC and pre-loaded software application to track patient information, treatment details, and record images that document your patients' progress. The images and data generated with the Digital Imaging Unit and your Precision Laser Therapy software can be used to:
•    Give a prospective patient a visual
•    Supplement the Precision Laser Therapy before/after portfolio
•    Enhance and customize your print marketing campaigns
•    Provide visual examples on an online testimonials page
•    Show your patient the total results of their treatment

These components are an important part of the consultation, treatment and customer satisfaction processes.