Fast ROI

Fast ROI

Make back your investment after your 10th patient. Precision includes on-site training as part of a kick-off sales event.

Run laser therapy as a business-within-your-business.

If you’re looking for a substantial additional revenue source for your business, the Precision Laser Therapy System offers a proven formula for success. Precision attracts two customer market segments: Hair Loss & Skin Rejuvenation. Achieve outstanding revenue results through your purchase of the Precision Laser Therapy System.

Not Just Equipment

Compare Precision against many other cosmetic technologies you could offer, and you’ll see that LLLT is not only effective, but delivers a great return on investment. Other treatments can require an ongoing financial commitment to replace worn parts, renew licenses, or extend service contracts.

Your purchase of the Precision Laser Therapy System includes all of these features for one low price, and can begin earning you money after just your first 10 patients.

•    Hair loss and skin rejuvenation unit
•    Digital imaging and client tracking computer system
•    On-site training at your location
•    12 sets of program product for hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation patients
•    TV commercial tagged for your location
•    12-minute sales/consultation video
•    Radio scripts
•    Print advertisements
•    Client brochures
•    Before/after results book
•    Consultation guide
•    Instruction manuals
•    Product description and usage manual
•    Display posters
•    Three year parts and labor guarantee

Here's the process:

1. Purchase Equipment

This is not a franchise; it’s simply a smart investment in cutting edge technology. In fact, you’ll have paid off your low initial investment after just your first 7 patients. Averaging just 6 new patients per month earns your company over a quarter of a million dollars per year!

2. Schedule On-Site Training

Our experts will be there with you to show you how to convert your first potential patients into actual sales. In fact, it’s not uncommon to earn back your investment while we deliver on site training at your facility.

3. Acquire New Patients

After paying you for an annual service contract, patients will begin treatments once or twice a week. Hair loss therapy patients sit under a special light hood, and most people enjoy a magazine or watch TV during their 60-minute treatment session. For skin treatments, a technician moves a light wand over problem areas. The sensation is invigorating and painless.
To administer hair loss therapy, it’s as easy as turning a dial, and your patient is free to go when the lights go out. You can even provide other services while the Precision Laser Therapy system is earning you revenue. Periodically, you’ll meet to evaluate your patient’s progress using the digital imaging system, which includes customized software and hardware. This computer system tracks your patient’s hair growth and helps you create an individualized treatment plan.

4. Earn Revenue

This turnkey system includes multiple revenue streams generated from hair loss treatments and product, skin care treatments and product, referrals, and contract renewals. Watch as your small initial investment grows to become a significant revenue center for your practice.