Hair Therapy

Hair Therapy

After 12 months of laser therapy.

Hair Therapy

Before laser therapy. Pt presents with the majority of the scalp covered in vellus hair.

Meet the demand for hair loss services.

Your Precision Laser Therapy System will include all the equipment you need to assist in the treatment and assessment of your patients. This equipment is manufactured in the United States under pending patents.


The hair therapy unit consists of dome which gives full head coverage for both males and females. It's affixed to a base on casters for easy mobility. This treatment unit is used to administer low level laser therapy for the regrowth of hair. To activate the unit, simply flip a switch. It contains no internal moving parts, which makes it extremely durable. The hair unit contains 190 Red LEDs,  171 Infrared LEDs, and 20 Class IIIA lasers.

Therapy Schedule

Optimum results with Precision Laser Therapy are achieved through a consistent treatment schedule. It takes time for the body to respond, and convert energy into new hair. For the resolution of hair loss, one full year of treatment is recommended, according to the following guidelines:
•    Months 1 to 6: Once a week for 60 minutes 
•    Months 6 to 12: Once every other week for 60 minutes  


Treatment Process

Your patient will be seated under the laser unit for approximately 60 minutes. There is no sound, odor, and the experience is painless. Many patients read or relax during their therapy. The frequency and the number of treatments vary depending on the extent of your patient's hair loss. The extent of the treatment is determined by your staff and the patient, after reviewing the patient's hair loss history, hair density and scalp health.

All-Natural Hair Products

The full benefit of the Precision Laser Therapy System is attained by the use of specially formulated, all-natural hair products. Unlike many chemically-based shampoos and hair products sold in stores, these products do not contain harmful chemicals that can damage the body’s ability to grow hair. Each month, patients receive a supply of these botanically-derived shampoos, creams, and rinses as part of the treatment plan.

Visible Benefits

Unlike other treatments for hair loss, Precision Laser Therapy is safe and effective for all hair types. Everyone with a hair concern can benefit from Precision Laser Therapy, which offers solutions without surgery, side effects or chemical treatments. It provides an effective cosmetic solution for:

•    Alopecia / Pattern Baldness
•    Chemotherapy or Chemically-Induced Hair Loss
•    Weak and Thinning Hair

Please note: Precision Laser Therapy is not intended to treat or diagnose any problem or condition. It is not meant to replace any professional medical advice or treatment. Patients should always consult a doctor with any medical needs.