Brochures, posters, TV commercial, radio scripts, and more tools are included with your system.

Skip ahead to revenue, because we've been there, done that.

When you purchase the Precision Laser Therapy system, you not only receive equipment and products to treat client's hair and skin conditions, you also receive the marketing materials you need to make your business model a success.

These resources let you tap our 15 years in the laser therapy business. Every system comes with:
•    30-second TV commercial tagged for your location
•    Sales/consultation video
•    Radio advertisement scripts
•    Print advertisements
•    Client brochures
•    Before/After results portfolio
•    Consultation guide
•    Instruction Manuals
•    Display Posters

With these resources, you can effectively sell the Precision Laser Therapy system to patients who may be struggling with skin and hair conditions. Knowing your Precision Laser Therapy equipment and your patient-base will increase your revenue and enable you to share this effective, non-invasive and safe treatment with new patients.
Because the Precision Laser Therapy treatment is unique and only offered by a limited number of facilities, the radio, television and print advertising resources included in the package are effective beyond your own community. Individuals who want to treat hair loss and skin conditions will often travel outside their own metropolitan area to receive safe and effective treatments. The quickest, easiest way to increase your return on investment is to take advantage of the resources that are included in the Laser Precision Therapy package. People are looking for cosmetic solutions that work--with the right tools it's easy to sell a safe and effective treatment that keeps working even after the end of the treatment cycle!