Skin Therapy

Skin Therapy

Skin therapy is delivered as a weekly aesthetic treatment.

Skin Therapy

Different wavelengths encourage natural healing processes.

Skin Therapy

Several wand attachments are included to deliver skin therapy.

Renew skin from the inside out.

This unit is used to perform Precision Laser Therapy skin rejuvenation treatments. It includes a control center and three treatment wands. The blue wand helps treat acne; the red wand targets larger areas of the skin, and a small red wand is used for fine lines and wrinkles.

What does Precision Laser Therapy do for skin?

Just as in the process of photosynthesis in plant, Low Level Laser Therapy steps up the production of energy in human cells. Different wavelengths of light energy are more effective than others, and through years of research and clinical testing, the wavelengths employed in Precision Laser Therapy have been shown to produce consistent improvement in tissue regeneration and cell health. Infrared light penetrates deeply into the skin. The heated skin dilates the capillary vases and stimulates circulation. Blood brings with it necessary substances that nourish human tissue more quickly. This unique cosmetic treatment utilizes the amazing benefits of light therapy to enhance the skin's natural cellular activity.

30-Minute Treatments

For skin treatments, a technician moves a light wand over the patient's reported problem areas. The sensation is invigorating and painless. A course of treatment can last approximately 6 months, with weekly sessions of 30 minutes or less. Some practices choose to supplement Precision Laser Therapy with other facial treatments or massages, while others offer the convenience of a quick treatment for busy patients. How you choose to deliver Precision Laser Therapy to your patients is entirely up to you!

Therapy Schedule

Skin therapy is delivered for approximately 30 minutes, once per week, for six months. This is often delivered by an esthetician as part of a relaxing facial treatment. Unlike other types of skin rejuvenation, the Precision Laser Therapy system is safe for all types of skin. People of all ages, races and either gender can benefit from the renewing power of this system. There are no side effects, invasive procedures or damaging chemicals involved with Low Level Light Therapy, and it is useful in treating conditions such as:
•    Acne and Rosacea
•    Sun-induced Skin Changes
•    Fine Lines and Wrinkles

All-Natural Skin Products

The full benefit of the Precision Laser Therapy System is attained by the use of specially formulated, all-natural skin products. Unlike many of the facial washes, lotions and creams sold in stores, these skin care products do not contain harmful chemicals that can damage the body's ability to generate healthy skin. Each month, clients receive a supply of these botanically-derived creams and rinses as part of the treatment plan.

Visible Benefits

Your patients will love how smooth and clear their skin becomes after treatments. They won't experience any damage or pain, but will see the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles diminish dramatically. Skin that was previously plagued by acne and blemishes will look clear and healthy. Low Level Laser Therapy acts quickly and effectively; in fact, your patient will begin to notice results after the first few treatments. Precision Laser Therapy for skin delivers:
•    Increased collagen production
•    More elasticity of the skin
•    Increased cutaneous blood flow
•    Greater cutaneous oxygenation
•    Increase of cellular metabolism

As a result, patients report their skin looks smoother, plumper, and that the appearance of blemishes is diminished.