Fast ROI? How about two days?

When you purchase the Precision Laser Therapy system, two days on-site training is standard. If you can supply valid consultation patients, we will arrive to close the deals, and teach your staff how to begin laser therapy services. Our goal is to make back your investment during on-site training.

Advertising help, and a lifetime of support from our expert team is also included. Expert training and support mean that you can offer your clients the best possible therapy experience and that you will be able to maintain your equipment.

Skin and Hair Units

The skin unit requires the use of specific wands and pens for different conditions and areas of the face and body. Our team pioneered the Precision Laser Therapy technology and has been effectively using and training others to use the system to offer optimum results. Your staff can become comfortable and competent using the system to treat skin conditions. If your Precision Laser Therapy skin treatments will be administered by aestheticians, our staff will review the methods of administering facial treatments in the most effective and relaxing way.

Imaging Unit

The images produced from the initial imaging process are a key tool in selling Precision Laser Therapy to your patients. When patients are able to see their area of concern in magnified detail, they are able to properly understand the Low Level Light Therapy procedure and are usually sold on the treatment. Our training enables you to use the Imaging Unit as a sales tool and as a tool to effectively track each patient's progress during the course of treatment.


The Precision Laser Therapy system uses a unique and herbal set of creams, shampoos and serums to supplement the treatment process. On-site training shows you how to distribute and instruct on the usage of these products. Making sure your patients are following instructions and using products at home is important to the success of treatments and your Precision Laser Therapy business model.


Precision Laser Therapy equipment comes with a warranty and product support to help you feel confident in the long term success of this aspect of your practice.